“Team Shunya – Taking Off On A Journey Once Again”












On 29th April, 2016 Team Shunya was declared a participant in the next  Solar Decathlon competition which  will be held in 2017 at China.

Solar decathlon is a worldwide competition held once every 2 years, each time at a different location, in which 20 collegial teams are selected  from different sections across the  globe. This competition challenges all  the teams to build a house which is  economically feasible and minimizes  energy consumption providing adequate comfort level to the residents. All teams build a house of their own which are put on display for 15 days together at the competition site making this one of the largest construction fairs held in the world.

Team Shunya is the first team from India to take part in the Solar Decathlon in 2012 and had faired extremely well in the competition as a . And now once again, Team Shunya will be going to China in 2017. With a motive to build an energy efficient building for the Indian middle class family we are putting our plan to action. The middle class comprises of 22 million people of the Indian population which may possibly grow up to 91 million by 2030 consuming a hefty amount of the limited resources. Resources available for a sustainable development are reducing at an alarming rate and it is high time to take action. Team Shunya is a group of young engineers with a vision to develop an energy efficient building and making it available to the Indian middle class. Determined to make a breakthrough in energy efficiency with a holistic approach towards sustainability of goods in near future, we are constantly ascending towards our goal.

Every journey begins with a single step. Our selection in the Decathlon turned out to become that headstart we needed. Marking the beginning of a yearlong adventure, Team Shunya is enthusiastically working towards achieving its targets with a robust attitude. The coming year will be witnessing an adventure full of ups and downs and a plethora of events, workshops and competitions conducted by us. We hope to contribute significantly to the world in an attempt to make it a better place for everyone.

Author: Aditya S.


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One thought on ““Team Shunya – Taking Off On A Journey Once Again”

  1. All the best team for your future endeavours…

    A small doubt..

    What is the life of a solar photovoltaic cell and is the cell reusable or need to be dumped after use….

    What about the costs and reusabilility and recyclability of batteries and their costs involved…


    Malkaraj periasamy


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