An Unexpected Journey

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

It started off slowly. A nudge here, an inkling there; until the idea of taking part in an international solar competition became reality. We combined technical knowledge with design, philosophy with fact, IIT Bombay with Academy of Architecture; and embarked on what has been an eight month journey of highs and lows.

Everyone had their own reasons for participating in this competition. Be it knowledge, experimentation, a platform to exhibit our skills, making a difference in society or to just try something new. But we were united by a common goal. To win.

Armed with their respective ideas and ideologies on how to achieve this objective, every individual put his or her best foot forward.

Putting engineers and architects in the same room together, is a recipe for disaster. With conflicting styles of thought and action as well as the pressure of the first submission date looming over us; leading to pulling in all-nighters, we started off with a ‘bang’. We soon learned to understand and respect the varied idiosyncrasies and we stopped thinking of ourselves as two institutions and began to think of ourselves as one team. Team Shunya.

There have been moments in this journey that would be hard to put on paper; the elation of being selected as one of the twenty teams to be a part of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 and the pride of being the first Indian team to ever receive such an honour.

The joys, the frustrations, the anger, the fun, the drama. As ever emotion unfolded, we became stronger as a team. Our faculty’s constant support and supervision gave us the determination to pull through.

Complacency was never an option. Being selected drove us harder and faster and we completed our first deliverable with all but minor hindrances.

There were times when we felt demotivated, hopeless and intimidated. But with the positive feedback on the deliverable, these feelings took a back seat and we’re ready to shine brighter than ever with the forthcoming deliverable.

The team is currently working odd hours to make sure this deliverable is better than the first. With new ideas and their implementation, each new page is filled with something innovative.

With another year to go, this competition has taught us the importance teamwork.

We thank all our well-wishers for their support and we hope to achieve our goal.

Until next time…

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